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We provide innovative, cutting-edge digital solutions and products for dentistry. We believe that digital dentistry should not be out of reach for any clinician. Our mission is to provide unique and affordable digital products that bring value to dental practices.

BiLumix Surgical Headlamp

Brighten Your Vision, Perform Better

Shadowless, wireless headlamp and loupe system which provides clarity and comfort to dental clinicians. No pinched noses, less neck aches, less eye strain, and no wires!

Vectra Smile

The Facial 3D imaging solution

High resolution 3D facial images for use in consultations and communications with your digital dental designer.

CAS-200 Silence

Chairside Aerosol Suction

Our industry-leading extra-oral Chair-side Aerosol Suction eliminates aerosols and up to 99.9995% of all airborne particulates and pathogens, decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases.

Rayscan CBCT

Solutions for Digital Dentistry

One of the best CBCT’s on the market. Incredible image resolution and Metal Artifact Reduction. Leading the industry with the highest resolution endodontic scan at 70 mu. Incredible value for cutting-edge imaging.

JK Dental Studio

Innovative surgical kits for more convenient implant related surgeries.

Simple, unique, and easy !!!


Mastering the Cervical Profile.

Cervico is a system of tools that assists you to place your implant in the ideal prosthetic position, generate an anatomically shaped soft tissue profile at time of implant placement or uncovery and record the later accurately at the impression stage.

Intra-Oral Scanner i700

Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

Industry changing intra-oral scanner with an ever growing list of features and functions. Easily one of the most innovative, quick, and accurate IO scanners on the market. Incredibly affordable pricing with no software subscription fees. Dental clinicians will always be at the cutting-edge with this system.

Traus SUS10

Surgery – Piezo Combo Unit

One unit to do the entire surgical implant procedure

Nova Bone

A game-changing bioactive synthetic bone graft

The best solution for Crestal Sinus Lifting and grafting around immediately placed implants.

BioXclude & MaXXeus’s Bone

A leading provider of regenerative oral osteobiologics

Our client says

JK Kim and Company is setting the stage for excellence in dentistry! From surgical headlights to CBCT/ Digital Scanning they provide cutting edge technology and consulting to their clients. They are strong supporters of implant surgical education and are leaders in new developments! Besides their technical expertise they are down to earth people who are always available to help you with your needs.
John Minichetti
Englewood Dental