One unit to do the entire surgical implant procedure

This ultrasonic surgical equipment designed for osteo plastic amputation, including dental implant surgery



Ultrasonic Piezo + Implant Dual Engine

  • 9 custom presets function
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Real-time RPM TORQUE view system
  • Piezo Power and Vibration function
  • Motor Auto-calibration function
  • Up to 70Ncm Torque
  • Compatible with E-type handpieces

Product Components

Contra Angle Handpiece

Model No. CRB26LX

Optic · 20:1 · 70Ncm
Max 2,000 RPM · Min 15 RPM

Weight 2.8 oz

E-type Motor

Model No. MBP10SL


Weight 9.5 oz

Piezo Handpiece

Model No. PEZ10XX

Working Frequency: 30KHz

Weight 2.8 oz


Model No. XUS10

Dimension W348 x D276 x H143

Weight 8 lbs

Aluminum Set Bag
Foot Controller
Motor Stand
Motor Cap
Tube Holder
Torque Wrench
Internal Spray Nozzle
Tube Clamp
Sterilization Case
Tip Holder
Irrigation Tube
Power Cord
Spray Nozzle
Instruction Manual
Foot Pole (optional)
Piezo Handpiece Tips (optional)

Piezo Handpiece Tips

SP-SAW 2 each
SP-SAW L 1 each
SP-SAW R 1 each
SP-016 2 each
SP-028i 1 each
SP-320 1 each
SP-400 1 each
SP-610 1 each

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