A leading provider of regenerative oral osteobiologics

BioXclude® is a minimally manipulated dehydrated human deepithelialized amnion-chorion membrane serving as a barrier, conduit, connector, or cushion in a variety of dental, endodontic, oral maxillofacial, and periodontal regenerative procedures.


The tissue used in BioXclude is obtained from consenting mothers who donate their placentas after elective caesarian section delivery. The amnion chorion tissue is processed using Purion®, a patented, tissue processing technology designed to cleanse and maintain the delicate structures of the tissue. Following processing and dehydration, the allografts are packaged and terminally sterilized (SAL 10-6). This processing methodology allows for retention of the biological factors found in native amnion chorion tissue.

  • Composed of amnion and chorion tissue
  • Room temperate storage
  • Five year shelf life


BioXclude has been shown to contain over 250 biological factors, extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, cytokines, interleukins, and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (TIMP), known to play a role in wound healing and reducing inflammation. In vitro, in vivo, and clinical research demonstrate the following benefits:

  • Rapid wound closure when left exposed
  • Cellular occlusive with rapid sealing of protected space
  • Hastens flap reattachment
  • Allows for rapid vascular growth
  • Shown to recruit mesenchymal stem cells
  • Suppresses inflammation


The physical properties of BioXclude allow clinicians to avoid many of the drawbacks associated with traditional collagen and synthetic membranes, which can help simplify the procedure, allow for less invasive surgery, and reduced chair time.

  • No trimming required
  • Extremely thin; does not add meaningful bulk to the site
  • Lacks rigidity and is self-adherent with excellent adaption
  • Can be placed UP or DOWN and fold onto itself
  • Can be placed over exposed roots and grafted implants
  • May be placed over or under other membranes, meshes or palatal tissue