Masterpiece Digital device

RAYSCAN Studio is created with the power to scan and manage all patient information for diagnostics and treatments in dental clinics for the upcoming digital dentistry.

5-in-1 Solution transforms real patient 3D diagnostic information

By providing a wide field of view of 20 * 20 and face scan, we offer virtual patient for a wide range of patient diagnosis and treatment.

  • 20×20 FOV
  • 3D Virtual patient
  • Smile design
  • Patient face scan
  • Cone beam CT
  • CT Impression scan
  • Panorama
  • Cephalometric

One device that connects them all

There is no need for the clinic to be equipped with a separate intraoral scanner, face scanner and CT scanner. Thanks to this, we avoid complications related to combining data from different systems. Overlaying all 3D data and creating a fully Virtual Patient has become easier and more precise than ever.

Integrates CBCT, 3D Face and CT Impression scan
into one PERFECT piece

Built-in face scanner

Perform a 3D facial scan and photo documentation of the patient at the same time and use it for treatment planning and treatment visualization.

CBCT tomograph with an imaging field from 4x3 to 20x20 cm

Smooth imaging field with a light indicator from 4x3 to 20x20 cm without stiching (always one head rotation). The highest resolution on the market (70μm voxel). ENT protocols as standard.

Universal 2D and 3D solution

In addition to CBCT, Panoramic, Object (Impression) and 3D Face Scan, RAYSCAN Studio can be equipped with one of the three types of Cephalometric from SC (Scaning Ceph), OSC (One-Shot Ceph) or OSL (One-Shot-Large), which provides high quality images of 2D Panoramic/2D Cephalometric and 3D cephalometric for analysis.

Digital Face Bow

Create an articulator using the position of the temporomandibular joint from the CBCT data. For a better understanding of treatment goals, the articulation and occlusal patterns can be easily transferred to your preferred analog articulator using the RAYDENT Studio printer.

Smile Design

Preview different teeth model on patient's face scan image


3D Virtual Patient

RAYSCAN Studio collects all information to create a Virtual Patient for full digital analysis even if the patient leaves.

Impression Scan
CT Scan
Face Scan
3D Virtual Patient

Once you have your own 3D Virtual Patient, there is no limit in full digital analysis. There is also unlimited number of applications that you can start in your clinic. You can perform predictable, safe and patient-caring treatment planning.

Better results.
Happy patients.
Priceless smiles.

Our revolutionary 3D imaging solution helps your business improve patients' experience throughout the procedure.

Patient A, Before
Patient A, After
Patient B, Before
Patient B, After

Feature Comparison


RAYSCAN Studio 5 in 1 RAYSCAN S 4 in 1
20x20 FOV
Patient face scan
3D Virtual patient
Smile Design
Digital Face bow
Cone beam CT
CT Impression scan



RAYSCAN Studio 5 in 1RAYSCAN S 4 in 1
Type Cone Beam CT, Panoramic, Cephalometric, Object scan (CT Impression), 3D Face scan
Patient positioning Standing (Wheelchair accessible)
Focal spot 0.5
Tube current 4 ~ 17mA
Tube voltage 60 ~90kVp
Patient scan protocols quick scan, tooth area, endodontics, right TMJ, left TMJ, sinuses, respiratory tract, facial skeleton
Object Scan Protocols Model, impression, bite, triple tray
Included Computer, DICOM monitor, protective apron, software, assembly, training, acceptance tests.

Scan Details



Property Value
Imaging field (FOV) Max. 20x20 cm
Free FOV support (Smooth imaging field) Yes
Scan time 4.9 ~ 16sec
Voxel size 70 ~ 300µm
Fast scan mode Yes
Object scan support Yes (CT Impression and model scan)
3D Face scan support Yes


Property Value
Imaging field (FOV) Max. 12cm (H)
Free FOV support (Smooth imaging field) Yes
Scan time Max. 14sec

Cephalometric (Option)

SC (Scanning Ceph) OCS (On-shot Ceph Standard) OCL (One-shot Ceph Large)
Imaging field (FOV) Max. 26x22.5cm Max. 30x25cm Max. 33x33cm
Free FOV support (Smooth imaging field)
Scan time 3.7 ~ 19.8sec 0.6 / 1.6sec 0.2 / 0.5sec