Masterpiece Digital device

Extends digital data collection to include a 3D facial scan & precise dentition, allowing the creation of the virtual patient that can reflect the patient’s individual smile and overall character.

Beyond CBCT

Why does it have to be R2 STUDIO?

Masterpiece Digital device for Dental EXPERTS


R2 STUDIO makes it simple, more aesthetic and more accurate.

For complex and difficult full-mouth cases and anterior cases requiring high aesthetic


Possible for implant operation using R2GATE surgical guide.

Not only MegaGen implant but other company’s implant systems also can be used.


Patient's facial pattern analysis and Facial Scan data can be used.

Reduce the burden of model storage with Impression scan.


With 20x20 FOV size CBCT, collect every data at once required for orthognathic surgery.

FACEGIDE service is available using the data.

Maximum Fov 20X20

16 seconds of shooting time

20x20 CBCT shooting at once instead of shooting twice to connect them together. A minimum of 10x10 to a maximum of 20x20, with a shooting time of only 16 seconds.

CBCT with Facial Scan

6 seconds of shooting time

CBCT taking and Facial Scan can be performed at the same time. Take a Smile Scan by smiling with eyes opened and produce esthetical prosthesis or utilize for orthodontics with Smile Scan.

CBCT with Impression scan and Model scan

18 seconds of shooting time

Scan the impressions without making stone models and save it as STL file. Of course stone model scan is possible too.
It can be used not only for temporary prosthesis but also for final prosthesis and orthodontic appliances production.

Digital Oral Design

Key to R2 STUDIO

R2 Gate makes R2 Studio more powerful.

Implant planning

Analyze bone density with Digital Eye and make complex full cases more accurate and easy.

EZ-Wax up

Diagnosis Wax-up is possible in R2GATE2.0.
It is also possible to extract and utilize in Dental CAD.

Facial analysis

Patient's facial features can be analyzed. This function can be used in the field of orthodontics.

Digital Oral Design

Using Smile Facial Scan data allows to produce more esthetical prosthesis.


Correcting the patient's movements reduces errors in prosthesis and implant diagnosis to ensure accurate treatment.

Digital Facebow

Stop using troublesome and inconvenient Analogue Facebow, Digital Face Bow can be extracted and adjusted in Dental CAD.


Check digital oral design manual video.