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Upgrading conventional areas through matchless design

One Self Bone Collector


  • Collect autologous bone safely and quickly by minimizing bone loss during drilling.

  • Made of special materials to reduce bone heating when drilling.

  • World’s first silicone spring stopper which increases the number of uses by 50% compared to existing products on the market.


  1. Collector Drill: Ø4, Ø5, Ø6, Ø7
    - Used to collect the bone inside the drill while drilling. [Recommended RPM 500~1000]

  2. Stopper: Ø4, Ø5, Ø6, Ø7
    - It consists of the silicone spring.

Bone Scraper


  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

  • Transparent design allows for real time viewing of amount of bone harvested.

  • The blade has been heat treated to prevent quick dulling, and can be rotated to provide an unused cutting edge up to 4 times.


  1. Blade
    As the blade is heat-treated, it does not easily become dull.

  2. Chamber
    As the chamer is made of transparent material, it can be positioned easily in the mouth and the amount of bone can be easily identified in real time.

  3. Body
    The body is designed with the optimum angles considering ergonomics and performance.

Easy Implant Guide


  1. Crown Guide Drill

    • Innovative design allows for quick and easy centering, directing, and spacing for single or multiple (adjacent) free hand implant placement.

    • Predictable spacing between implants and adjacent teeth or between implants.

  2. Crown Guide Pin

    • Allows for direction and occlusal check of the crown.

    • Size and direction of the adjacent crowns can be predicted when multiple implants are placed.


Direction for use

Sinus Combination Kit


  • Combined Sinus Crestal and Sinus Lateral Approach kit.

  • Allows for faster and safer sinus lift procedures.

  • Unique reamers designed not to perforate the Schneiderian Membrane.

  • Aqua lift components for safe lifting of the Schneiderian Membrane in Crestal approach.

  • Multiple Sinus Curettes to safely lift the Schneiderian Membrane in Lateral approach.


  1. Initial Drill : Ø1.8 Drill, Ø2.3 Drill [2EA]

  2. Crestal Reamer : Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8 [3EA]

  3. Crestal Stopper : 8EA

  4. Crestal Diamond Reamer : Ø2.8

  5. Crestal Aqua Lift : Ø2.8 / Ø3.3 / Ø4.2

  6. Aqua Hand Adapter

  7. Lateral Stopper : 5EA

  8. Depth Gauge

  9. Lateral Reamer : Ø8.0, Ø6.5 / Ø8.0

  10. Lateral Core Drill : Ø7.0

  11. Lateral Diamond Reamer : Ø6.5 / Ø8.0

  12. Lateral Side Drill : Ø3.5

  13. Lateral Diamond Core Reamer : Ø7.0

  14. Sinus Curette : 5EA

Easy Extraction Kit


  1. Easy Periotome

    • Specialized thin alloy allows for free flexible movement.

    • Allows for easy cutting of the PDL towards the apex of the root.

    • Easy extraction without damaging the alveolar bone.

  2. Surgical Curette

    • Serrated tip allows for easy curettage of soft tissue.

  3. Easy Forceps

    • Specialized tip design to penetrate into the periodontal tissue for tooth extraction.

    • Lessens the luxating effect and possibility of root residue while minimizing damage to the alveolar bone.

  4. Easy Lux

    • Unique thin and flexible blade.

    • Blade design allows for easy insertion into the PDL and easy luxation with minimal force.

    • Minimizes damage to surrounding soft tissue and alveolar bone.

    • Promotes Atraumatic extraction.

Simple Sinus Lateral Reamer Kit


  • Includes core and dome drills to create the lateral window.

  • Golden diamond round burr, wide dome, and side cut drills designed to enlarge windows.

  • Color coded stoppers for precise depth control.


  • SRM-80: Sinus Reamer Ø8.0

  • SRM-80T: Sinus Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0

  • SDR-80T: Sinus Diamond Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0

  • SID-30: Side drill Ø3.5

  • DCR-70: Diamond Core Reamer Ø7.0

  • SCL-ST: Stopper Set (1.0mm~3.0mm 5ea)

  • CASE-03: Case (Stainless Steel & Color Design)

Simple Sinus Crestal Reamer Kit


  • Minimally invasive sinus lift technique.

  • Unique inverse conical design to reduce chance of Schneiderian Membrane perforation.

  • Color coded stoppers for precise depth control.


  • Sinus Reamer Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8, Ø4.2

  • Stopper Set (4mm~8mm / 5ea)

  • Diamond Reamer Ø2.8

  • CASE-03: Case (Stainless Steel & Color Design)