BiLumix Surgical Headlamp

Brighten Your Vision, Perform Better

Only surgical headlamp with dual light source on the market that illuminates your operation area without shadows blocking your vision.

Designed for better vision and your comfort

BiLumix surgical headlamp is thoughtfully designed to minimize any pressure on nose with its Ergonomic c-band, and equipped with dual LED light sources which illuminate your operation area without shadows.

  • Patented dual light sources

    Two LED lights with a surgical effect that reduce shadow to a minimum.

  • Super Bright

    Light intensity is up to 100.000 lux

  • Long Battery Life
    (up to 12hrs)

    Continuously work with two rechargeable batteries

  • Modularity

    BiLumix Headlamp can be integrated with various extensions for your operation. Three different magnifying loupes, HD camera, and face shield for protection.

  • Wireless and Light-weighted

    The complete lens and camera system weighs 143g. Also the rechargeable battery housed in the back of the wireless headband which allows users to move freely without pull force of wire.

If you can see better,
you can do better!!!

BiLumix Headlamp

Attachable Light Source Cap in 3 colors
(transparent, daylight, and warm)

2x Rechargeable Batteries

1x Charger

Essential Package

Includes most useful accessories for your routine works

1x Attachable Loupe (1.5x Mag)

1x Travel Bag

Loupe Options

The dioptric correction allows not only to compensate for any vision problems, but also to find the right working distance to maintain a correct posture.

Headlamp Loupe


1.5x magnification.
It is optimized by the lights, ensuring maximum comfort in daily work without stressing the eye.

Surgical Loupe 2.5x


2.5x magnification.
Adjustable working distance and a weight of only 34.2 g.

Surgical Loupe 4x


4x magnification.
Adjustable working distance and a weight of only 39.1 g.

Repair Service

  • Front & Rear Band Replacement
  • Light Source Replacement
  • Other Service (Surgical Loupes)
Flat Service Fee will be applied.

Our client says

BiLumix Headlamp is one of the better inventions that come across and I certainly highly recommend it!!!
Dr. Maurice Salama
…using for everything from Day to day in office procedures….as well as longer combination procedures… Additionally, support is fantastic…I am very satisfied with BiLumix
Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky
Z Facial Plastic Surgery
…two lights scatter shadow…it is really light and easy to wear….no cable, wireless… so I Love it! I am so happy for my BiLumix Kit
Dr. Patricia Uribe
ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologist)

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